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August 4th - Today's the Day!

It's my actual birthday ! And the Scat Cat Sessions needs YOUR HELP to go the distance!


Today's Inside Goal

So far, we've raised about 30% of our inside goal of 1200€

  • Merci beaucoup à Denise McCauley, Gérard LaTour, Amy Kraft, Trisha Rundell, Megan Jones, Bev Larson, Ngan MacDonald, and Johnny Frederick

Plane tickets don't buy themselves...

Can you help us double that?

In meeting our inside goal TODAY...

AEI artist — Keri Chryst — is guaranteed to reach Ohio in time:

  • to sing,

  • to scat,

  • to vote*

  • and to enlighten young minds to the wonders of jazz !

No amount is too Small

As my #birthdaytwin, Barack Obama, can attest! Every little bit helps.

The grant writing and communications efforts have sprouted strong shoots of support - and now we need some additional fertilizer for the program to bear sustainable fruit and to truly flourish.

Merci beaucoup for anything you can do to help!

*Ohioans know - there's a special election on Tuesday August 8th!

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