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Keri's ear for harmony was confirmed at the ripe age of 8 when her instructors  noticed her naturally and unconsciously adding a counter-melody to some classic Christmas carols.
Decades of piano studies, band and orchestra (flute, sousaphone) and vocal ensembles big and small were an excellent training ground for her concept of arranging for ensembles. 
But it was upon discovering the complex harmonies and rhythms of jazz at university that this harmony-geek finally met and conquered a challenge worthy of her instinctual musicianship.
2 music degrees plus a half-a-dozen years spent developing and implementing an ear training curriculum for the singers at the American School of Modern Music — Berklee's then Paris affiliate — helped narrow the gap between the ideas she'd always heard in her mind's ear and the speed with which she could get them onto the page.
Most of the examples on this page have gone from sketch to fully fleshed out score and parts within a matter of days, and Keri is eager to put her skills and enthusiasm to work creating exciting and innovative arrangements for you and your ensembles!


Featuring Ella Fitzgerald's original scat solos - transcribed and harmonized for 3 voices!