Sounding great!!! BRAVO! I’m a huge fan!

Professor Emeritus
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL, USA

Accomplished bandleader, composer, and arranger Keri Chryst heads up her own interchangeable jazz combos – duos, trios, quintets, dectets, full big bands – as well as rocking out the old school soul when the occasion calls for it.


This season, Keri has been touring Europe, Africa and the USA with her "The French Connection" and  "Roots 66" concert programs and also with Paris' jazz vocal trio par excellence — Sweet System — for their Ella Fitzgerald tribute Sweet Ella.  A range of workshops and educational programs are also available in conjunction with each concert’s theme. 

A consummate musician in any situation, we invite you to keep an ear out for news of Ms. Chryst as she continues to spread her classic swing style around Paris and the International music scene.


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