Sounding great!!! BRAVO! I’m a huge fan!
Professor Emeritus
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL, USA
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I had already had voice lessons before with two different teachers but with Keri I saw the difference immediately: she makes use of very precise yet fun exercises which, with regular practice, really improve one’s technique. She’s also great at giving little tips and tricks that really come in handy; I'll definitely be continuing my lessons with her in the fall.


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Jazz Vocal Academy

Paris, France


About Keri Chryst - Artist & Educator

Keri's dual mission as both Performer and Educator go hand in hand.  She views each performances as an opportunity to share knowledge and fresh experiences with her audiences — and strives to include an element of collective creative experience in each of her educational projects.

These passions have led her to develop a full array of original curriculum for her Jazz Vocal Academy International as well as founding a France-based non-profit organization — Arts Embassy International — which lends structural support to projects for Teaching Artists such as herself.

With a Master's in Jazz Pedagogy from Northwestern University ('98) and Bachelor's in French Studies (NU '97) plus 2 decades of experience performing, arranging, creating curriculum, and teaching around the globe — she is primed and ready to spread the jazz gospel to anyone eager to learn, in just about any language.

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