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What if I told you... about Arts Embassy International?

Let me introduce you to the organisation that makes more than half of my Arts Outreach Projects possible!

AEI's Raison d'être

Since its inception in 2012, the non-profit association

Arts Embassy International (AEI)

has provided a legal and fiscal structure through which my colleagues and I are able to :

  • do what we do best,

  • more often, and

  • in good conditions.

AEI Stats

10 years and counting

Between June 2012 et July 2023, Arts Embassy International has helped its member artists reach more than:

  • 33815 humans of all ages,

  • over 4 continents

  • in 15 countries

  • in over 41 towns

  • across 14 states/regions

  • over 429 days

  • by facilitating 16 distinct programs

If you've been following my story this past decade - most, if not all, of the exciting projects you've seen me undertake are made possible thanks to the support of AEI.

It's time to spread the word!

The gift of time provided by the pandemic hibernation allowed us to develop a new website to showcase AEI's artists and their programs.

Dive in and check it out !


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