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Zambia Chronicles 2023 - Day 2-ish

Phew! Made it to Lusaka just in time to grab our luggage and check in for the flight to Solwezi.

So wonderful to be reunited with our colleagues from the US Embassy, Lusaka public affairs office - Mr. Austin Ngoma and Ms. Sandra Banda! This is my 3rd tour with these lovely people, and a chance to introduce them to Daniel (and vice versa).

And there’s that Zambian hospitality I remember so fondly! From the customs officials, to the checkin counter - warm smiles, and kind treatment (no ma’am, just go… I’m not gonna charge you for 3 extra kilos of luggage today 🙏🏽).

A short flight across country in a small turboprop - and a short drive to the Kansashi hotel where we’re let into our guest suites before convening for what turns out to be a DELICIOUS meal of traditional Zambian cuisine at the in house restaurant.

It all bodes well for the coming week, and for the return to humanity’s motherland.

Just a little bath before bed, then it’s lights out!

#jazzsingerdeparis #ArtsEnvoy#ArtsEmbassyInternational #errandgirlforrhythm @CultureAtState


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