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Zambia Chronicles 2023 - Day 1

3 planes, 4 cities, and a wheelchair - quite the 23 hour journey !

So excited to be back in the air and en route to the beautiful country and the beautiful people of Zambia!

This is my first time back to the continent since the before times, and it felt a little surreal to do all the planning and prep this time (is this for real!?).

We’ve had reasonably smooth sailing so far, with my new partner in jazz crime, pianist Daniel Gassin. Well… once we got around the issues related to checking the oversized luggage that is an electric keyboard.  SNAFU sandwich of wrong lines, and right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

I’m sure glad I thought to request mobility assistance (aka wheelchair service) because being able to sail through security and to the front of the boarding line definitely helped us to make up for lost time while keeping my sciatic issues in check. Had to settle for a “self service” wheelchair, but Daniel was a reasonably good sport about pushing me about.

Reached Addis Ababa on time to hurry up and wait through our layover. Ah… Ethiopia!  Now there’s a country I’d like to visit. I’ve been through there a number of times, but haven’t gotten to leave the airport yet.

Slight delay on flight number 2 of 3… praying for quick luggage recovery in Lusaka so we can hop the commuter plane to Solwezi where we’ll be working for most of this week. Plenty of time for an authentic Ethiopian coffee though #smallconsolation.

Stay tuned...

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