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Flashback: Swaziland Chronicles - Day 3 - Morning Workshop

Sharing musicianship skills with young Swazi talent!

Originally posted: 10 October, 2011

Up and At 'Em

Thankfully, the Embassy folk are running a little late this morning. Our driver, the imposing yet surprisingly gentle and impeccably discreet Abraham, picks us up closer to 9:00 than 8:30 so we have a little more time to linger over the hotel's impressive breakfast buffet (we could get used to this!). We're taken to a residential neighborhood where we pull into a property that, though currently in relative disuse, obviously once belonged to someone of above average wealth for the region.

Cultural Envoy, Keri Chryst, meets with young Swazi talent for a casual chit chat before the workshop starts.

Nice digs!

This is the new site for the arts and music foundation started by Swaziland's golden boy of what they call "Swazi Soul". Bholoja proudly, yet with a measure of humility, shows us around the facility which is slated to be a center for providing music education to people who would not otherwise get it. We pass through rooms dedicated to various instruments - piano, guitare, computer generated sound, video editing, etc. For now, there is only about 1 instrument per dedicated room, but they've only been in this new location for about 3 months, so I assume the project is in development.