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Flashback : Swaziland Chronicles - Day 1 - Travel

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Swaziland Chronicles - Day 1 - Travel

Smooth sailing from Paris to Johannesburg on the double-decker Air France Air Bus 380 - packed to capacity with 550 passengers - short, painless layover before hopping a commuter-type jet to the smallest international airport I've ever been to in my life (sorry, King Mswati III).

Originally Posted by Keri Chryst on October 4, 2011 at 4:55 PM

Safe arrival

We are greeted by Ms. Marjorie Balorin from the American Embassy's smiling face who kindly warns us that a camera crew from the local TV station has shown up unannounced. Though we're pretty dead tired from the 12 + hour flights, I slap on some lipstick and a passable impression of fresh-out-of-bed enthusiasm to do a quick interview about the upcoming events.

The sun has poked its head out, but on the way to the hotel we drive through mostly semi-urban districts under development and don't yet get the sense of the beautiful vistas that are to come.

Opposite a surprisingly mid-western looking strip mall is the luxury hotel and casino where we'll be staying. It more than lives up to the descriptions we'd been given - comfortable beds, big bathtubs, ultra-hot water, excellent service and truly outstanding cuisine.