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International Airfare Unlocked!

Now let's go ALL THE WAY #trainsplanesandautomobiles

Merci Beaucoup!

We are SO grateful for everyone* who has contributed to the Scat Cat Sessions travel fundraiser so far!

Thanks to you*, we are now assured capacity to purchase the international airfare and help get Keri and the Scat Cat Sessions to their Ohio début this October.

Once on the ground, an artist needs to get around...

Have wings - need wheels

This is why we've set an "inside goal" of 1200€ to help cover cost of car rental and fuel/tolls.

Can you help?

We're already more than half-way there (merci beaucoup!) — and we're hoping that with your additional help, we can not only meet the inside goal of 1200€, but surpass it towards reaching the long-term goals for the Scat Cat Sessions program.

Your contribution today supports our project mission

Carrying the torch of Jazz's greatest pioneers into the next century — introducing fresh generations to the joys of

Jazz and Improvisation.

Every little bit helps

So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in keeping the torch alive!

* With extra special thanks to those who've contributed to date :

(in order of appearance ;-) )

  • Hadi Alaoui

  • Gerard Latour

  • Denise McCauley

  • Amy Kraft

  • Beverly Larson

  • Megan Jones

  • Trisha Rundell

  • John Frederick

  • Ngan MacDonald

  • Paul Rockower

  • Julia Sheppard

  • Fabien Prevost

  • Andrea McCormick

  • Barry Blackmore

  • Garfield Simms

  • Sue and Roger Kramer

  • Ann Boyd

  • Nancy Noland

  • Chris Kaboth


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