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That Time I Performed with the Blues Brothers Band gang — Part 2

Sunday, Mar 31, 2019 - Meeting the dream team then getting straight to work!

"The Band" and the man-with-the-plan out for a well deserved drink at First Street Brewery after a full day of rehearsals and clinics. Left to right: Rick Matticks (Director), Joey Gulizia (drums), Keri Chryst (vox), Tom "Bones" Malone (misc.), "Blue" Lou Marini (sax), Tony Gulizia (keys), "Cap't" Kirk Garrison, Joe Matticks (guitar)

Hold on to your hats, folks

It's gonna be a whirlwind!

It's all a bit of a blur... I'm just coming off of a busy week of Scat Cat Sessions with Alcott Elementary School (also in Hastings, but that's another story...) and am whisked from my cushy digs at the Kensington to load in to the hotel where I and the other VIPs will be staying for the rest of the week.

As the band members wing in, one by one, from hither, thither and yon, I do my best to play it cool and collegial with an appropriate amount of deference to their collective gravitas. To a man (and yes, I'm the only woman) they are friendly and generous of spirit, and basically just eager to get down to business makin' music.

The "Other Brothers" - Joey & Tony Gulizia