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Update : CD purchase & Composition Credit — A couple of corrections

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Loyal supporters Adu Jahmal and Kaitlin Raver - brought a few points of clarification to my attention regarding the Valentine's Missive . 😳. Thanks for setting the record straight, guys!


#1 - Best Way to Get "The French Connection - Vol 1 CD/album

CDBaby - No more

Several colleagues and I were SHOCKED to discover that CDBaby no longer does album sales! (Thanks for telling us... NOT!)

So, please ignore any previous info on that subject, and simply visit the Recordings page of my site from here on out.

Thanks, Adu for catching that for me!


#2 - The REAL Story behind the V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E Song

My dear big sis, Kaitlin (Chryst) Raver, being both older and wiser than me, reminded me that though I remembered correctly singing that little ditty in Ms. Huron's music class in Udhailiyah... That is NOT where I learned it.

The truth is...

Kaitlin and I actually wrote it together! At the ripe ages of 9 and 7 respectively, we sat down at the family piano and plunked out this delightful number to help us how to remember to spell our favorite holiday. I remember being particularly proud of myself for being able to translate the notes to a sheet of music paper, so that we would be sure to remember it.

So, there you have it.

My first composition ever :-) Alongside my sister, as we prepared for our annual co-ed fancy Valentine's Tea Party. A tradition our mother instilled in us from the time we were in pre-school. Love you mom and Kate! And Alex too, bien sûr! I'm glad we were able to pass on the tradition to you when we were teenagers.💜🎶

More news later...


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