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NEW! Online booking and Website Updates Galore!

Make hay while the sun shines... I'm doing my best to make the most of this quarantine downtime - in between the occasional bouts of dépression passagère. 😜

Online Lessons

Yay! Another student was referred to me by eminent Voice Doctor Erki Bianco — and this young singer is so eager to learn how to extend his range without hurting himself that he's shown up regularly, throughout the confinement, whether in person, or online. And I'm simply thrilled with his progress!

In his own words...

" Before taking lessons with Keri, I was "yelling" and hurting myself when I tried to hit A4. But now I can easily reach A4 and go as high as G5 without hurting myself, and that feels amazing! " —Rémi Lamigeon

It's such a pleasure to have someone SO motivated and ready for change that their progress is palpable in less than 6 months' time!

So, when another old student reached out to me last week — I realized it was time to up my online game.

New Online Booking System

My Voice Lesson offerings have moved into the 21st Century!

The tools were all there, within my website builder... and now I've (mostly) learned how to implement them. 😉