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Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference 2023

Orlando, January 2023. TOTALLY worth the 3-day drive from Chicago!

Hail Hail the gang's all here

And boy do I care! SO amazing to be back in person with my tribe.

The cross section of amazing jazz musicians and quality pedagogues is my sweet spot!

What can I tell you... from presentations about ear training and improvisation to performances from International powerhouses to brave middle schoolers - the conference is simply jam packed from start to finish with so much to see, to learn, and to hear.

Feelin' the Love

My first JEN conference was in the before times - in January 2020, in New Orleans no less, just before the covid curtain fell. I am thrilled to report that none of the magic of "the first time" was lost in the interim.

Left to right, Top to Bottom:
  1. My new pal Constant Boty from Côte d'Ivoire (l'Afrique in the House!)

  2. The Vocal Jazz reading session with amazing arrangements, amazing singers, and lead by the wonderful Matt Falker

  3. My pal Tom "Bones" Malone finally made it in from L.A. after like a million cancelled flights

  4. Dan "the man" Greggerman - the hardest working man in vocal jazz business ;-)

  5. Or maybe Matt Falker is the hardest working man?

  6. Lots of goodies to take home for my reading and singing pleasure!

  7. One of KCKCC's many killer ensembles!

  8. Harmony guru Justin Binek and Texas' Amy Pummill Stewart.

  9. Berklee's top vocal group - stunning!

  10. Finally face to face with Drew Dahan

  11. My sisters from another mister schooling us all on Jazz for Elementary aged kids

  12. Jerry Tolson - I'd sure like to get to know you better

  13. Can hardly wait to read Katrein Van Opstal's book!

  14. The gang from Coastal Carolina University - I know their Dean Oestereich!

  15. As ever, my other favorite trombonist - an Airman of Note - Kevin Cerovich

Not pictured

So many other amazing friends and colleagues I can't believe we forgot to photograph — Mary Jo Papich, Antonio J. García, Pete Madsen, Brian Casey, Dena DeRose... and so many more.

Merci JEN!

Thank you to the board and other volunteers for ALL that you do!

See y'all next year in NOLA 2024!! (Gods willing!)

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