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Groove Workshop - Virtual Clinic with University of Nebraska (1/3)

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

I'm super excited to start this 3-part "Virtual Visits" series with the University of Nebraska, Omaha's Jazz Program — thanks to the support of the Nebraska Arts Council!

Groove Workshop

with University of Nebraska, Omaha, Jazz Orchestra

Preparation à distance

Coordinator of Jazz Studies, Pete Madsen, has generously given me free rein as to how to virtually work with his full-sized, University-level Big Band. At first we'd hoped that the players might be in-person together in one room, and that therefore we could put some exercises into immediate practice à distance together, with me phoning in on zoom.

But, if school faculties have learned anything during COVID, it's the need to have a plan B (and C, and D 😳) ready to roll out, as regulations are constantly in flux.

So, within a week of the scheduled clinic, we quickly shifted gears, to prepare for a full-on Zoom clinic. C'est la vie.

Concert Notes

Pete cleverly scheduled the workshop to follow closely on the heels of a "public" performance that had been streamed by the band on YouTube the week previous. This was an excellent opportunity for me to get a sense of "where the band is at" currently, and to anticipate w