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Flashback : V-E Day Quarantine Concert for the U.S. Embassy Paris

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Originally Live Streamed - 7 May 2020

Three months into the pandemic lockdown of 2020, Keri was graciously invited by the U.S. Embassy, Paris to celebrate the 75th anniversary of "Victory Europe" featuring uplifting songs from the era... as well as debuting an original composition of her own!

All songs were performed LIVE and broadcast on FaceBook-Live via Zoom as part of the #EmbassyHappyHour concert series - achieving a RECORD AUDIENCE of over 7700 views for this one concert alone!


International Début of Keri's Original Song What a Lovely Day

At the concert's close - the Embassy Staff made one last request to hear Keri début an original tune for their Happy Hour audience... la voilà!

With special thanks to the Embassy Staff who helped to make the whole event flow as smoothly as possible. Great job, team!

The full concert, as originally streamed, can be found at:

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