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Flashback : Togo Chronicles - Day 2 - Dagbeneva, Dance & Concert

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

What a day! Up at 7 - surprisingly before my alarm. Quick, slightly overpriced hotel breakfast, then a stop at the Embassy where a mechanical problem with the originally planned vehicle slowly eats up our time-margin while they sort out an alternative. The delay does give us an impromptu opportunity to visit the brand-spankin' new Embassy (a cookie-cutter copy of the one that just opened in Djibouti as well - just different art).

Originally Posted by Keri Chryst on January 31, 2012 at 6:45 PM

On the road

A 90 minute drive through the countryside, is enough time to finally have a proper pow-wow with the Embassy staff about the schedule for the week. We're on our way to Kpalimé (silent K) to meet with the Dagbeneva dance and drum ensemble. After a quick courtesy call to the local Prefet, we pull into the parking lot for the C.I.A.... Carrefour International d'Arts (International Crossroads for the Arts - pictured below) - a local non-profit group striving to be a local and international resource for traditional arts.

Carrefour International d'Arts (International Crossroads for the Arts - Kpalime, Togo

The place is cheery, and has a sense of love and care about it. The people we meet first are just as cheery, founder Kossi Akakpovi and his trusted partner Momo Ategou - the rest of the dancers and musicians are a bit quieter and shy at first... until we suggest that they show us what they can do. This brightens them up immediately, and we adjourn to a shaded area where a veritable battery of hand-made percussion instruments are set up.

Dagbeneva in action!