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FLASHBACK: Cameroon Chronicles - Day 3 - Yaounde - Radio, Kids Concert & Masterclass

Originally Posted by Keri Chryst on February 29, 2012 at 6:25 AM

Happy Leap Day! I figure since the 29th only happens once every 4 years... it's kind of like a gift - out of time, so to speak. And this is certainly a day "hors norme".

It starts with an early call (8:30) to head over to a local radio station KalakFM for a quick and dirty interview. We are immediately impressed by the hosts of the show Alphonse and Else whose réparté is clearly well practiced and dynamic. Their energy wakes us up and gets us wanting to bubble over with excitement along with them. They ask some good questions too, and get us to sing a little something live over the air. Short but sweet though, within 20 minutes we're out of there, and thankfully have time to go back to the hotel for a bit and chill before our next engagement.

And what an engagement! We arrive with a touch of trepidation because we've been told we're going to a rehabilitation and treatment center for children with physical disabilities (whether congenital or acquired) - we're afraid it might be a tough crowd, though we're eager to do what we can to bring a little light and levity into this kids lives. It turns out our worry was for nothing - once again we've been brought to a top quality facility where it's immediately clear that these kids are NOT wallowing in despair for their discomfort and disability, but rather they are well cared for, bright eyed and EXTREMELY enthusiastic to get a chance to participate in a live music event performed by these exotic Americans - something we're told they usually only see on TV.