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Back in the Saddle — ready for the road!

Yowza! Now that I've finally made it back to the studio and the stage, I am SO ready to make mo' bettah music AND HOW!

Sweet System — le retour

Last Saturday at Vimeu Jazz Summer was simply FABULOUS!

Left to right — Daniel Gassin (p), Fanny Werner (v), Fabricio Nicolas-Garcia (b), Martineke Kooïstra (v), Keri Chryst (v), Jeff Boudreaux (d - not pictured).

Belle équipe, et bon accueil — and SOOOO great to be on stage again!

Follow Sweet System on Facebook, and check out their/our website!

U.S. Tour Fast Approaching

And now that that's under my belt... like Willy Nelson, I just can't wait to get on the road again!

Still super psyched for how my U.S. Tour is shaping up — playing with Big Bands and educating young minds around the country. Plus, I get to play with these guys again!!!

Left to right — "Blue" Lou Marini, Keri Chryst, Tom "Bones" Malone, "Cap'n" Kirk Garrison

I'm updating my gigs calendar as dates are confirmed... so keep an eye out.

And I'll try to get more news out mid-month as well.

Oh, and then there's Zambia...

But this missive is going out in under 15 minutes, so those details are gonna have to wait.

Stay tuned!


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