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Back in the Saddle — ready for the road!

Yowza! Now that I've finally made it back to the studio and the stage, I am SO ready to make mo' bettah music AND HOW!

Sweet System — le retour

Last Saturday at Vimeu Jazz Summer was simply FABULOUS!

Left to right — Daniel Gassin (p), Fanny Werner (v), Fabricio Nicolas-Garcia (b), Martineke Kooïstra (v), Keri Chryst (v), Jeff Boudreaux (d - not pictured).

Belle équipe, et bon accueil — and SOOOO great to be on stage again!

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U.S. Tour Fast Approaching

And now that that's under my belt... like Willy Nelson, I just can't wait to get on the road again!

Still super psyched for how my U.S. Tour is shaping up — playing with Big Bands and educating young minds around the country. Plus, I get to play with these guys again!!!

Left to right — "Blu