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Virtual Program with Zambia (Day 1/3)

Joined once again by the Original Blues Brothers Band members Tom "Bones" Malone and "Blue" Lou Marini for Performances and Q&A with the young musicians of Kitwe, Zambia!

Day 1 - Professionalism & Networking

It's not just what you know, it's who you know

(counter clockwise) "Blue" Lou Marini (sax), Keri Chryst (vocals), Tom "Bones" Malone (trombone), the members of the local Music Academy in Kitwe

After an introductory performance by the 3 panelists, the floor was open for Q&A with the budding artists in Zambia's Copper Belt region.

Forging a career as long and durable as these two cats is nothing to shake a stick at! And participants were thrilled to be able to pick their brains (plus my occasional two-cents).

  • Positive attitude

  • The importance of preparation and practice (and punctuality!)

  • "following the bread crumb trail"...

Just a few highlights from this beautiful exchange with a room full of wonderful young musicians.


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