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Saint Louis — LIVE STREAM !

Streaming live from the Blue Strawberry - Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021


Tue, November 9 2021 at 7:30PM CST

364 N Boyle Avenue St. Louis MO 63108

Live Stream

Tune in from anywhere in the world!


"Singers and shows, with good food and drink at tables and chairs. Good Music - Good Food - Good Drink" — Blue Strawberry

Saint Louis' classiest hot-spot for live music — Live and in Concert — Keri Chryst & The French Connection

In Person Reservations

Or call +1.314.256.1745

$20 Table Seating

$15 Bar Seating

Shout out to Will Buchanan, Janet Evra, Jan Shapiro, and Terry Barber who were so helpful in making this happen XOXO

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