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Nebraska — the place to be

A note to Nebraska Organizations — NAC grants have been made even easier — No matching funds required!

I'm always touting the Nebraska Arts Council, and with good reason...

Virtual AND in-person

They've revamped their Artists in Schools and Communities GRANTS this year to allow for both virtual and/or in-person sessions — with no matching funds required from the sponsoring organization.

A real deal! — Grants available for virtual, in-person AND hybrid visits from NAC Roster Artists ( like me ;-) )

Flexible Scheduling

The NAC has really outdone themselves to make both scheduling and funding these sessions a no-brainer.

1 session < 1 hour

That's up to one hour — to be provided either virtually or in person (or hybrid)

Short "Visit" vs. longer "Residency"

They've even gotten more flexible on the min/max duration!

  • Visit = 3 sessions

  • Residency = 10-30 sessions

And there's no requirement that "sessions" be consecutive. I did a virtual visit last year with UNO's bands and w