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Flashback: Cameroon Chronicles - Day 6 - Morning Nostalgie Radio & Bantu/Kundé Rehearsal

Originally posted 3 March 2012

Why do these radio programs start so early!? Sigh... Thanks to our friend Lydia Hall from Comoros, I've taken to packing breakfast bars and other snacks with me, and have found that this buys me some much needed sleep & prep time in the morning, rather than paying for the overpriced (and not included :-/ ) breakfast buffet at the hotel.

So, we show up at Nostalgie Radio (yes, it's related to your favorite station in France ;-) bright and early, and are greeted by the warm and welcoming Carole Leuwé. This is one woman who does NOT need our presentation on Web Presence and Music Entrepreneurship - I already recognize her name and face because she found me on Facebook two days ago and dropped me a line to let me know she was looking forward to our visit! Now that's both classy AND savvy!

She introduces us to Falix Fetue, the main host of this morning's program, and manages to scrounge up a cup of tea (thank you!) for us before we hit the air waves. They make us very welcome in the studio and ask us questions about our professional history, and what it is we're doing here in Douala - and they generally help us make a good pitch for our concert this evening. We sing a couple numbers live on air which get them snapping, and before we know it, we're being bustled out to head on to the next event.

A little while later, we pull up in front of the French Cultural Center where the folks from "l'Equipe Du Sud" cultural organisation have gotten a great head start on set-up. We do quick sound check, and immediately obvious that we're in good hands, technician wise (phew!) - then it's time for show and tell!