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Flashback: Cameroon Chronicles - Day 5 -Entrepreneurship Workshop, Travel, and a late night TV

Originally Posted by Keri Chryst on March 2, 2012 at 6:10 AM

10 o'clock start for the workshop with local musicians at the Alliance Française where we had the concert last night. They've brought together about a dozen guys (no ladies!?) with whom we're meant to talk about the Entrepreneurial side of being a musician today. A lot of the same issues are raised as were in both Lomé (Togo) and Yaoundé (Cameroon). These folks are hungry for resources to better their skills both from a technical perspective on their instrument, and from a music business point of view.

We do what we can in the short time we have to fill in at least some of the blanks in their knowledge - mostly giving tips and principles that might help them further their research and exploration on their own end. (Give a man a fish vs. Teach a man to fish) We draw on some tools we've developed, including the presentation on "Web Presence" and my new Venn diagram about the music business ;-)

It turns out there are a bunch of singers in the room who are dying for a lesson... but unfortunately it wasn't anticipated on the program, and we've got a really tight travel schedule today, so it'll have to happen some other time. In fact, ever since the enthusiasm at the vocal workshop in Yaounde, it's given me some ideas about more efficient ways to get some basic vocal technique knowledge to these folks who simply don't have access to teachers and good resources.... More on that some other time... We're rounded up promptly at 12, so we can head out on the road. First a "quick" stop at what we've heard is the best craft store and café in town - the PresCrafts & Prescafé! At PresCrafts the price is right, there's a large selection and things are displayed in a nice inviting environment.