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Keri Chryst & her SophistiKats
My two loves...

Keri Chryst and her SophistiKats serve up a delectable selection of Mid-century Modern jazz style — employing only la crème de la crème of Paris and Chicago’s top swingin’ brass.

Their current project — My two loves... — expands upon Keri’s transatlantic exploration of the rich history of French-American exchanges in jazz — this time, with HORNS!

Miles, Evans, Mingus, Brubeck, Hendricks & Ross... as jazz reached the epitome of 1950’s sophistication and swing, emerging artists were experimenting with smaller ensembles, atypical rhythms & instrumentation, plus interactive composition.

With My two loves... Keri and her SophistiKats breathe new life into the spirit of the great composers and arrangers of the Mid 20th century, with a special nod to her favorite unsung hero of some of the greatest jazz vocal recordings ever made — Mr. Marty Paich.

With 3 horns, 6 horns, or 9 horns and a Rhythm Section — et bien sûr the sultry vocals of Madame Chryst elle-même — the SophistiKats will swing you back to the heydays of Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, Frank Sinatra and Mel Tormé, before you can count to trois.

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Chicago, IL, USA

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